How Can You Renew Your License Online?


In most states, you must renew your driver's license either in person or by mail, but some states do provide online renewal as of 2015, according to However, the process for online renewal varies among the states that allow it.

In order to renew a Texas driver's license, go to the Texas Department of Public Safety, and click on the Renew Your License or ID link, advises the Texas Department of Public Safety. The link leads to four different renewal methods, the first of which is online renewal. Click on the green Renew & Relax button, and gather the necessary information, such as a credit or debit card for payment, your current Texas license or ID, and your Social Security number. Click Continue, fill in the necessary information, and follow the prompts. To be eligible for this service, you must be younger than 78, renew a Class CM or C license, and have no physical or vision changes and no outstanding tickets.

If you want to renew a Utah license online, you go to the Utah Department of Public Safety, and select the Renew/Change icon. If you are eligible, you should have received a PIN authorization in the mail. Select the Renew Your License tab, and follow the necessary prompts.