How Can You Get Your Record Expunged Online?

You cannot expunge your criminal records online because the process involves filing papers with the court and going to a hearing, as noted by Mayer Law Office, L.L.C. However, some states may allow you to pay the filing fee and download necessary paperwork online, according to the Kentucky Court of Justice.

The exact details of the expungement process vary among states, as Nolo explains, and a state's criminal courts can provide details about the process. While courts may publish this information on their websites, you may have to contact a court clerk directly.

Generally, it is not necessary to have an attorney to expunge records. However, not all crimes are eligible for expungement, so check to make sure that your situation meets your state's criteria, as the People's Law Library of Maryland suggests.

Once you have your records expunged, you generally do not have to disclose your past crimes, and they may not show up on background checks or other records searches, according to CriminalDefenseLawyer. However, people who search for your name online may still find information about the arrest or trial. Sometimes this happens because the government does not update its databases frequently, but it can also happen if a private website lists information about your arrest. While you can contact the website and ask it to remove the information, it has the right to refuse your request and to keep the information available.