Where Can You Read the Requirements for U.S. Citizenship in Spanish?


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The requirements for United States citizenship can be viewed in Spanish by selecting the "Espanol" option at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. This will redirect to a Spanish translation of the website, complete with all of the information available at the primary English version.

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The requirements for U.S. citizenship are split between two categories: citizenship at birth and citizenship after birth.

The most basic requirement for becominga citizen at birth is to have been born either within the U.S. or in certainof its territories or possessions. For individuals bornoutside of the United States' jurisdiction, U.S. citizenship is dependent upon that of theirparents, one or both of whom must already be U.S. citizens.

This latter type of citizenship, which is known as "derived" or "acquired" citizenship,might not be sought until later in life. The other requirement for citizenship after birth is to complete the process of naturalization. Part of this process involves a formal examination inEnglish language proficiency and elements of U.S. civic culture, includinghistory and politics. The USCIS website has comprehensive information in both English and Spanish to guide applicants through the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship, either instead of or in addition to their original citizenship.

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