What Can You Put in a Jail Care Package?

A care package for an individual in prison may include money, books, magazines, newspapers and personal letters, notes or cards from loved ones, according to The Huffington Post. A care package might also contain personal hygiene products, shoes, sweat pants or underwear, states The Law Dictionary.

Money is a good gift to include in a care package because most individuals in prison do not earn a considerable amount from their prison work details, states The Huffington Post. The government provides three meals a day, clothes, razors and soap, but money in a care package allows individuals to purchase other items such as shampoo, shorts or shoes for working out.

Companies such as Access Securepak send premade care packages to inmates for a certain price, according to its website. The company's care packages may include apparel, such as boots, jeans or socks; food that comes in clear and resealable packages or plastic jars; and electronics, such as televisions, radios and headphones, that come in clear plastic cases to avoid any possible issues with contraband. The items in an Access Securepak care package are designed to meet the standards of prison facilities.

Before sending a package, an individual should check with the facility to see what items are not allowed in a care package, suggests The Law Dictionary.