Where Can You Find Public Employment Records?

The National Personnel Records Center of the National Archive in St. Louis, Missouri, stores civilian and military personnel records for the federal government. States and municipalities store their own employment records. For example, the State of New Jersey's Public Employment Relations Commission in Trenton stores state employee personnel records.

Employment records for federal employees are generally not accessible to anyone but the employee. People searching for their own records need to fill out a form and prove their identity. While the law entitles the public to know who has been a federal employee, the government also has a responsibility to protect the privacy of the individuals as long as they are alive.

Certain qualified individuals, such as lawyers or doctors, can get a person's private records if they can document that they have the permission of the individual. Recent thefts of millions of personnel records from the Office of Personnel and Management have brought a great deal of press attention to the safety of public employee's personnel records.