How Can You Get a Printable Power-of-Attorney Form?


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Printable power-of-attorney forms can be found at Rocket Lawyer's website. Users can build their own customized document, download it, and print it. The creation of the document is done through a step-by-step interview, says Rocket Lawyer.

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Tidy Form also provides users with the ability to download a printable power-of-attorney form. These forms can be made customized to each state, says Tidy Form.

A power-of-attorney is a document that is used by a legal adult to authorize another legal adult to handle his private affairs, legal matters, financial matters or business matters. The person who is granting the authority to act on his behalf is called the principal, donor or grantor. The individual who is being appointed to act on behalf of the principal is called the attorney in fact, or the agent. The principal must have the sound mind and mental capacity to create and authorize the power of attorney. The agent can act on the principal's behalf in accordance with the instructions provided by the grantor when the power of attorney takes effect, says Tidy Form. The grantor should choose an agent that he feels is trustworthy and have a conversation with the agent before appointing him, so the agent understands what his responsibilities are, says Rocket Lawyer.

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