Where Can You Find a Pie Chart Showing the U.S. Government Budget for 2015?


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The National Priorities Project, a national non-profit and non-partisan research organization, provides a pie chart detailing all federal spending for fiscal year 2015 online at NationalPriorities.org. The National Priorities Project also offers pie charts individually breaking down federal discretionary and mandatory spending.

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For the 2015 fiscal year, U.S. government spending totaled $3.8 trillion, including $2.45 trillion in mandatory spending and $1.11 trillion in discretionary spending. Furthermore, there was $229.15 billion spent to service interest on federal debt. Social security payments account for nearly 1/4 of total federal expenditures at $1.25 trillion, while spending on Medicare and other federal health programs totaled nearly $1 trillion. Military spending accounted for more than half of all discretionary expenditures at almost $600 million.

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