How Can You Find Phone Numbers for People Who Live in Canada?

Find telephone numbers for people living in Canada by using sites such as or Simply type in the name of the person, and these sites will bring up a list of available phone numbers.

Canada411 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use site that allows users to search by name or phone number.

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Visit the home page and select "Person" at the top.

  3. Fill in the name
  4. Fill in the name of the person in the text box next to "Who?" Click the black "Find" button on the right of the screen.

  5. Select the person from the list
  6. Select the person from the list that appears on the next page. By clicking the link, a map appears, or users may click "Get Directions." The telephone number appears to the right of the person's name. is also easy to use, and users may search for a person by province or city.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Visit the home page and click "Person" located right under the image.

  3. Search
  4. When entering a person's name, click "Get the 411" to bring up a list.

  5. Click the name to find the phone number
  6. Click on a name to bring up the person's address and telephone number.