Where can a person find temporary emergency housing?


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Temporary emergency housing services can be found in various parts of each state and are normally provided by the federal government or other welfare organizations. Emergency housing is usually provided in case of natural disasters or other misfortunes, including cases of domestic violence.

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Each state has a unique emergency housing system, with New York's considered one of the best, according to New York City's Department of Homeless Services. Various state governments build shelters that can be inhabited by people faced with issues such as violence or terrorist attacks. Orphans who have no one to take care of them and the elderly also qualify for emergency housing assistance.

In the event of a natural disaster such as a storm, flood or earthquake, temporary structures, such as tents, are normally set up by the government and other organizations in order to give people shelter for the duration of the disaster or until they are able to sustain themselves once again. Buildings such as churches, mosques and stadiums may also act as temporary emergency hosing for those affected.

When in need of emergency housing assistance, a person should approach institutions such as a church, mosque or police station in order to get help. Such institutions are able to point the individual to a specific governmental or non-governmental shelter where he or she can then find emergency housing.

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