How Can You Find a Person by Their First Name?

Searching for a person by their first name requires a lot of research and patience. The simplest way to find a person by his first name is by asking a common acquaintance for the person's full name or other useful information, such as a telephone number, occupation or marital status.

Social networking services, such as Facebook and Linkedin, allow online users to search for people using just a first name. The People Finder search tool on Facebook allows searches of people using just a first name. To narrow down the search, the user may input some information related to the person being searched for, such as employer, current city, mutual friend, high school and college or university. Linkedin provides a people search tool and, like Facebook, requires the user to create an account and log in first to use the online search system.

Users of Twitter and Instagram often do not use their first names, but using the sites' search tools may be worth a shot. Check a common friend's SNS account and search if there are related posts and pictures about the person being searched. The user may also try finding the person's friends or family members. Once the person's full name is known, it would be easiest to search for more information using dedicated people-search tools, such as Intelius or