How Can You Find People in Germany?


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There are several look-up services for finding people in Germany, including DasTelefonbuch, which lists phone numbers associated with citizens and businesses, and DeTeMedien und Partnerverlage, which lists emails. Under extraordinary circumstances, such as a death, a German resident's address can also be found by submitting an inquiry to the resident's local registration office.

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Germany has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. Using social media services such as Facebook to find people in Germany is generally difficult or impossible, due to overlapping laws that protect residents' personal information from being used without permission.

One place where German residents' information can be easily accessed is in the online version of the German white pages, known as DasTelefonbuch. This is a German-language website that lists phone contact information. As of 2015, there are several such German phone directories, most of them for business numbers. There is also one email directory, DeTeMedien und Partnerverlage. Information in DeTeMedien und Partnerverlage can be found using name, city, or zip code.

Another way to find people in Germany is by contacting one of Germany's local registration offices, or Meldebehörde. Meldebehörde are registries that contain residents' addresses. However, they cannot be accessed on the fly, as with DasTelefonbuch. The information in a Meldebehörde is protected except for a handful of circumstances, such as legal prosecution, inheritance rights, child support payments, or the death of a loved one.

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