Where Can People Get a Burn Permit in Georgia?


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Citizens can access burn permits on the Georgia Forestry Commission website. The Commission issues permits that are valid for same-day use and apply to burning hand-stacked vegetation. To burn machine-stacked vegetation or man-made materials or to clear land, citizens contact the county office of the Forestry Commission, as of 2015.

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To acquire and print burn permits, citizens must complete the two questions at the bottom of the Georgia Forestry Commission homepage, and click the button to move to the burn permit page. The citizen must answer questions to determine if the Forestry Commission allows burning in the area before clicking on the Submit button to get a burn permit number.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recognizes 13 types of legal burns and specifies regulations and conditions under which the burns may take place. The type of burn dictates the type of burn permit that may be available, including instructions for acquiring the permit.

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