How Can I Find Party Line Numbers in Texas?

How Can I Find Party Line Numbers in Texas?

VoteSmart features a list of political parties in Texas and their available contact information as of 2014. All the parties have working websites as of September 2014 except for the Southern Independence Party, which has a street address as its only other contact information.

The VoteSmart website includes the mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites for the Libertarian, Reform, Constitution, Republican, Democratic, Green and Workers World parties in Texas. Information is also available for the Socialist, Communist, Southern Independence, Unity and Texas Patriot parties.

During Texas' early history, government focused mainly on preserving social order and left communities and individuals to resolve their local and interpersonal disputes. This history continues to influence politics in the state in 2014. The Republican Party, which increasingly dominated politics in Texas beginning in the 1960s, advocates for limited government involvement in citizens' lives, especially at the federal level.

Prior to the 1960s, a conservative Democratic party held sway for most of Texas' history. It also profoundly influenced politics in the state, as it instituted poll taxes and white primaries that prevented Africans Americans, Latinos and poor whites from voting.

The Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin provides educational resources for learning about the state's political, economic and social demographics. Resources include graphs, slide shows, and an online textbook. The Project also conducts ongoing polls on various issues. Some poll results are categorized by party identification.