How Can You Find the Parole Status of a TDCJ Inmate?


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The parole status of a TDCJ inmate is available on the Offender Information Details on the Board of Pardons and Paroles found on the TDCJ website. The implemented laws on the date the offense is committed determine the parole eligibility date.

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Search for the parole status of an inmate currently in custody of a Texas state prison by visiting the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website and clicking Board of Pardons and Paroles under Quick Links. On the left sidebar menu, click Offender Search/Parole Review Information. You may either provide the inmate's full last name and initial of the first name, the inmate's TDCJ number or the inmate's state ID number. The parole eligibility date is shown under the Offender Information Details. Click Parole Review Information to check the last parole decision made by the BPP and the date of the next parole review. The Parole Review also indicates the reasons of the denial.

The BPP approves or denies a parole petition based on several factors, including the inmate's offense history, nature of the offense, institutional adjustment, time served and the participation of the inmate in TDCJ's specialized programs. Parole is also not applicable to inmates convicted of a felony offense before a magistrate from a competent jurisdiction.

The information on the Parole Review Information may change without prior notice. The TDCJ-BPP encourages the family of the inmate to contact the BPP for more updated information.

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