How Can You Find Out About Local Candidates?


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USElections.com and Ballotpedia.org are good resources for finding out about local candidates. Official state government election websites such as Voterguide.sos.ca.gov and Elections.Alaska.gov have information about local candidates in the respective states. The Federal Election Commission’s website, FEC.gov, is also an ideal place to find information about local candidates.

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USElections.com, an information-gathering website for citizens, was founded in 1999 by Jeff Cohen. It contains detailed information about U.S. elections, including state and federal races, voter information, election dates, candidate information and frequently asked election questions. It also includes forums, debates, opinion polls and think pieces.

Ballotpedia is an online encyclopedia about elections and politics in the United States. It provides objective and accurate information about politics at federal, state and local levels. It contains detailed and updated information about local candidates. Registered users are allowed to add and improve Ballotpedia’s database, but all submissions are checked for accuracy by the professional editing staff. The focus is to have verifiable, neutral and accurate information.

The FEC’s candidate summary contains information about all candidates running for president, the Senate or the House of Representatives. It also contains information about candidates who have registered with the FEC. FEC files primarily contain financial information along with basic details such as a candidate’s office, state, district, party affiliation and incumbent description.

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