How Can I Find Out If a Lawyer Has Been Disbarred?

can-out-lawyer-disbarred Credit: Cultura RM/Matelly/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

To find out if a lawyer has been disbarred, check with the U.S. Department of Justice as well as with the appropriate committee of the state bar association in every state where the attorney has practiced. If your attorney is disbarred while representing you, take steps to replace him and to seek reimbursement for any monies you have paid him.

  1. Check with the Department of Justice

    The U.S. Department of Justice keeps a list of attorneys who have been expelled or disbarred or who are currently under discipline. The list includes information on whether a given attorney was suspended or disbarred, when the discipline went into effect, and whether and when the attorney has been reinstated to the bar.

  2. Check with state bar associations

    Each state's bar association keeps a list of attorneys who have been disbarred or otherwise disciplined, as well as of complaints made against an attorney. FindLaw offers contact information for the disciplinary committees of each state bar association.

  3. Seek reimbursement from and replacement of the attorney

    An attorney is supposed to notify his clients if he is disbarred, but not all do so in a timely manner. A disbarred attorney must refund any fees paid and return all case files within 10 days of his suspension or disbarment. If you are involved in an ongoing case, let the judge know if your attorney has been disbarred and ask for time to seek new legal representation.