How Can You Find Out About Housing Regulations and Laws?


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Information about housing laws and regulations are found on the website of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or individual state departments of Housing and Community Development. Laws such as the Fair Housing Act prevent discrimination against disadvantaged citizens and other demographic groups, according to HUD.

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Complete texts of housing law and associated regulations such as the FHA are available in depositories such as the Electronic Code Of Federal Regulations, according to the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Housing laws and regulations vary from state to state, and are defined, developed and implemented through specific programs run by the state departments, as in the case of the California Department of Housing and Community Development. Laws and regulations covering urban renewal, low-income housing programs, housing restrictions for sex offenders, waivers and evictions are accessed through the website or offices of the state judicial system, as found in the Massachusetts court system, as described by Mass.gov.

U.S. housing is covered by a wide range of federal and state legislation that regulates the acquisition, sale, lease and maintenance of properties. Other laws such as the Uniform Act also cover federal acquisition of land that leads to the displacement of individuals. Regulations governing affordable housing are governed by the HUD.

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