How Can You Find Out Who Has Filed for Bankruptcy?


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Bankruptcy filings are considered public record and can be found by searching the filings with a specific court. However, if a person does not know the court where a bankruptcy case was filed, the U.S. Party/Case Index offered by Public Access to Court Electronic Records can provide the information.

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In order to use the U.S. Party/Case Index, a person must have a valid PACER account. There is no cost to register for PACER, but there is a fee for viewing legal documents. Users are charged a fee of 10 cents per page as of December 2014. However, there is a cap on this fee, with a maximum charge of $3 for each document. PACER bills users on a quarterly basis.

After finding the information about a bankruptcy filing, the case details can be used to access the bankruptcy filing with the local courts. This can be done though the individual court's website. This information can also be used to search for notices filed in local newspapers under the public notice heading. Bankruptcy filings are listed in newspapers or online. However, there is no guarantee as to when the notice is published, and information regarding the bankruptcy filing may not be available in the notice.

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