How Can You Find Out About Currently Available Military Jobs?


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Each branch of the U.S. Military has an official site listing job opportunities available in that branch by type, describing the requirements and duties of each Military Occupation Speciality. Consult with a local recruiter to clarify any questions left unanswered by the site or to confirm the position's current availability.

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The U.S. Military offers a wide variety of jobs, or Military Occupation Specialities, in numerous fields. Many do not involve active combat duty and offer skills and credentials usable in the civilian world. Each category lists Military Occupation Specialities involving the named field, such as arts and media, aviation and so forth. Searching for Military Occupation Specialities involving specific tasks or duties requires the input of the appropriate keywords into the search bar, which then lists any careers with the keyword in their descriptions.

Be aware that certain careers are only available to enlisted soldiers, whereas the military reserves others for commissioned officers. Becoming a commissioned officer in the military requires additional training and education beyond that of an enlisted soldier, and the position holds more stringent requirements for applicants. Commissioned officers are in positions of authority and responsibility over lower-ranked individuals and are held to a higher standard of conduct.

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