How Can I Open up a Group Home?

Opening a group home requires approval from government departments in the specified region. Group homes offer assisted living to the elderly, foster children, and people with mental or physical disabilities. Depending on the kind of group home, you must meet with a specific government department, such as the Department of Mental Retardation or Child Services.

  1. Choose a location and acquire the permits

    Researching your region's zoning requirements is necessary when searching for a location. Certain residential areas are not zoned for privately owned businesses, while complaints may accumulate in others. Once a location is found, file all the necessary licenses and permits to establish your group home.

  2. Meet specified regulations and requirements

    Regulations for group homes differ throughout the world. These regulations may include the number of residents allowed, how many staff members and their qualifications, and what the facility must be equipped with. First-aid and CPR certification are examples of staff requirements that are often required.

  3. Register as a nonprofit organization

    This is simply done at your city or county clerk's office.

  4. Create a business plan

    This includes a mission statement, strategies of operation and a cost breakdown. It is also helpful to include a source of financing. Certain states and federal agencies offer grants for small businesses, and private donors may be included as well.

  5. Establish the staff and facility

    Finally, in order to open a group home, you must hire qualified staff members and fulfill the furniture and equipment requirements.