How Can You Do a Free Online Warrant Search in Indiana?


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To do a free online warrant search in Indiana, go to the Indiana Warrants Directory website. Select the county needed, and type in the search terms to find the applicable warrant.

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The online warrant records include the full name of the individual, a photo and the charge for which the warrant was issued. Some records only include a name and physical description. To search for the newest warrants, click on the county and select the button that says "show new warrants." To search for a specific warrant, type the full legal name of the individual into the search engine.

While the state of Indiana has information on many warrants, some counties only list a handful of warrants for free online. Nearly every county has a free online option to find warrants from the area's most wanted individuals, but not every county offers this service. For example, Delaware County only lists active warrants by name. Some counties, such as Howard County, offer free searches for the area's most wanted in addition to all other active warrants.

For information about specific crimes, some counties offer warrant searches for categories such as felonies, failure to pay child support and fugitives. For a statewide search of active DEA warrants, use the search section at the top of the Indiana Warrants Directory website.

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