Where Can You Find Online Election Results?


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Voters can access statewide and county election results through the website of their state’s secretary of state or the county board of elections, in the case of a county or municipal election. Television, radio and cable news operations often carry election-night results on their websites.

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On election nights, a state elections office, such as the Missouri Secretary of State, publishes vote counts online as the results come in. The website also lists results for previous elections as well as other information, such as voter turnout details.

Major TV networks and news websites, such as Huffington Post and The New York Times, cover national election-night results on air and on their websites.

Vote results posted online on election night, even by a secretary of state, aren’t considered official results. Vote tallies are certified only after election officials have conducted a complete count of all ballots, including write-in, mailed, provisional and damaged ballots. This must be done within a certain period of time. In California, results must be certified within 28 days after the election.

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