Where Can One Search for Phone Numbers?

The easiest way to search for phone numbers is online, using social media websites, search engines like Google or public-information engines like Zabasearch. Business phone numbers are the easiest options because businesses want to be accessible to their customers and generally publish contact information in multiple locations.

A Google search for the company name and city often turns up the correct number immediately. Other places to look include the organization's website, social media pages and local phone books.

Cell phone numbers are considerably more difficult to find. Social media websites, including Facebook and LinkedIn, are good places to find phone numbers for personal and professional contacts. If a person has provided a phone number, it usually appears on their profile page. People with businesses often publish their cell phone numbers on their blogs, websites or promotional pages. A search for the person's name plus a qualifying term, such as the industry type or city, may turn up the phone number.

People who prefer privacy may not wish to publish their phone numbers online in conventional places. Search engines, such as Zabasearch, Pipl or yoName, look through a wide range of public information on the Internet to locate hard-to-find phone numbers.