How Can One Outline a Speech About Wearing Seat Belts?

can-one-outline-speech-wearing-seat-belts Credit: Suzanne and Nick Geary/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

To create an outline for a persuasive speech about wearing seat belts, one should start by using a standard persuasive speech format. This format typically includes an interesting introduction, a convincing body and a conclusion that reiterates the most important points from the speech.

According to Monmouth College and Seton Hall University speech writing resources, a persuasive speech should begin with an attention-grabbing statement, an overview of the speech or thesis statement, and a statement explaining the motivation for the speech. The purpose of the introduction is to lay out a plan for the speech which helps the audience follow the main points.

In the body of the speech, a format should be chosen which will convince the audience to take action. This can be a problem-solution format, a format that relies on inductive or deductive reasoning, or one that simply weighs both sides of the issue, showing which side is best. The body of the speech should present the argument in a clear, logical and easy-to-follow manner. According to the communications group Podesta, it is a good idea to have three points in the speech body.

The conclusion should re-state the most important points of the speech, and ask the audience to take action.

It is vitally important to use data from reputable and up-to-date resources to back up the claims made in the speech.

To design the outline for a speech about wearing seat belts, one should gather as much information as possible on seat belts. Once the data and the purpose of the speech is clear, specifics can be added to the outline. The outline is finished once each talking point and its supporting points have been adequately described.