How Can One Look up Residential Phone Numbers Online?

Look up residential phone numbers online at or by providing basic information about the residence such as the resident's name or address. requires that you provide at least the resident's last name, while performs a phone number search if you provide either the address or the resident's last name.

On the main page at, type in the resident's full name or last name and, optionally, either the city and state or the ZIP code. If the resident's phone number is available, a symbol that looks like a telephone handset inside a circle appears to the right of the resident's name on the search results page. Click on the symbol to view the phone number. In some cases, the search results may include multiple listings. If you're unsure whether a listing is the resident you're looking for, click on the View Full Profile button to display additional information that may help you narrow down the search.

On, click on the Find People tab at the top left of the main page. To perform a search by the resident's name, click on the By Name tab and then type in at least the resident's last name. The first name and the address are optional; provide all the information you have to narrow down the search results. To perform a search by the address, click on the By Address tab, and then type in at least the street address. The city, state and ZIP code are optional. The phone number appears on the search results page.