Where Can One Find a List of Traffic Violations for Each State?


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A list of traffic violations for each state is available at FindLaw.com. A list of links to the traffic laws and driving rules of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, including statutes on common traffic violations and each state's online vehicle code, is available by visiting the website and clicking on the subheading titled Learn About the Law. From there, users click on Traffic Laws, then Traffic Tickets and State Traffic Laws.

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Where Can One Find a List of Traffic Violations for Each State?
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While the basic rules of the road are the same among all states, many states differ on the more detailed aspects of driving, explains FindLaw. For example, people have to drive on the right side of the road and obey the speed limits in every state. However, in Pennsylvania, drivers are allowed to use hazard lights at any time, while in California, it is illegal for any vehicle in motion to use its hazard lights.

As a result, each state has its own individual driving manual, as opposed to a single, federally distributed manual. Thus, it is very important for people to check each state's driving laws when traveling out of state, to avoid being penalized for an avoidable infraction. The car itself should be inspected as well, to steer clear of any state mechanical violations, according to FindLaw.com.

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