Where Can One Find Information on Social Security Locations?

The Social Security Administration provides the Social Security Office Locator tool, a database of field office locations by ZIP code, on its official website SocialSecurity.gov. To identify the correct ZIP code, use the United States Postal Service ZIP Code Look Up tool available at Usps.com. You can find a ZIP code for a specific street address, city and state; or find all ZIP codes within a city and state.

The SSA headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. There are 10 regional offices, six processing enters, and about 1,230 field offices throughout the United States that provide local services.

The office hours for Social Security offices may vary by location. Check the official SSA website to see exact hours for specific locations. The website also maintains a list of emergency office closings and delays, which is updated every 10 minutes to provide the latest information.

The Social Security Office of International Operations partners with other U.S. government agencies to provide services to citizens planning to go overseas. In many foreign countries, Social Security offices are located within the Department of State's embassies and consulates. Check SocialSecurity.gov to find the correct location. The SSA maintains its own field offices in Canada, the British Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.