Where Can Ohio Residents Get Help With Social Security Benefits?

Ohio residents can get help with Social Security benefits by visiting a local Social Security office, consulting with Ohio attorneys specializing in Social Security benefits or seeking the assistance of the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging, as of January 2016. The Social Security Agency administers Social Security retiree benefits, as well as SSD and SSI disability benefits.

The Social Security Agency operates 57 offices throughout Ohio. Each office has staff specialists who assist Ohio residents with applying for benefits. These offices can also assist Ohio residents resolve any issues they may have with the Social Security benefits they already receive. A list of Ohio Social Security offices is available on the Social Security website.

Some law firms, such as Manley Burke in Cincinnati and Badnell and Dick in Mansfield, Columbus, Lima and Dayton, assist clients in applying for Social Security disability benefits and appealing Social Security disability benefit denials. There are many other law firms in Ohio that also represent clients regarding Social Security benefits.

The Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging also provides assistance and information regarding Social Security benefits for Ohio senior citizens. Although the agency does not advocate for an individual’s Social Security benefits, it does have a referral service to professionals who assist with Social Security benefits.