How Can I Get the Office of Child Services to Do What It Is Supposed to Do?


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Getting Child Protective Services to work properly means having a firm grasp of chain of command, the local laws and regulations, and having evidential support. Whether filing a complaint or being involved in an ongoing case, it is important to know who to deal with, know the situation and document everything.

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How Can I Get the Office of Child Services to Do What It Is Supposed to Do?
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Child Protective Services vary by each state, but all are state-run organizations with websites, phone numbers, offices and pamphlets. Evidence is beneficial when filing a complaint. Photographs help greatly, as does a journal listing exact dates, times and offenses. It is also important to know what is a valid complaint and what is not.

Individuals who have had complaints filed against them should know their rights. Each state varies in terms of when a caseworker can legally enter a home or talk to a child. Those circumstances should be known to prevent any violations of rights.

Any required action should be determined and taken quickly, and all necessary paperwork should be filled out completely. Once an investigation is closed and a letter is sent to a home, representatives of Child Protective Services may never enter it again unless a new complaint is filed.

It is wise to know the chain of command. This includes the caseworker's email and phone number and the same for the caseworker's supervisor. Anyone who is unsatisfied with a situation can simply move up the chain of command with complaints.

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