Where Can You Obtain Free Criminal Arrest Records?


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Individuals can obtain free criminal arrest records through sites such as DMV.org, Dirt Search, BlackBookOnline.info, FreeBackgroundCheck.org and VirtualGumshoe.com, as of 2015. Each site also contains tools to look up different related records, such as sex offender lists, at both the state and national level.

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Where Can You Obtain Free Criminal Arrest Records?
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To search the free criminal arrest records for a specific individual on Dirt Search, the users needs to enter the person's first and last name and choose the state in which she wants to conduct the search. Users should note that the site takes several minutes to conduct the search, as it needs to access government records to check for partial and complete matches to the name instead of searching through its own privately maintained database. Results include matches for different types of records in addition to criminal arrest records, so users need to locate the appropriate entry.

In some cases, these sites may not be able to locate records for people with common first or last names. If this is the case, the user needs to look through listings manually by state or use a more specific name. For example, if the user is searching for arrest records for someone with the first name "John" changing it to "Jonathan" allows for a more detailed search.

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