How Can You Obtain a Copy of Certificate of Citizenship?

To obtain a copy of certificate of citizenship, access the website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and print form N-565. Complete the form as per the given instructions, pay the required filing fee and mail the form to the specified service center.

To obtain a replacement or copy of the citizenship certificate, download and print the N-565 form from the USCIS website. Use a black pen to fill out the two-page form and do so as per the instructions given on the website. If you are applying for a copy of the citizenship certificate because the original one is damaged, include the original certificate when mailing the form.

Also, include a money order or check drawn in favour of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the mail towards payment of the filing fee. Send the mail to the appropriate service center, depending on your state of residence. The two service centers of USCIS are the Texas Service Center and the Nebraska Service Center.

Usually, USCIS processes the application within a few weeks. If additional documents are required, USCIS contacts the applicants directly. If you are residing outside United States at present, get in touch with the United States embassy in that nation to know more about obtaining a copy of certificate of citizenship.