How Can You Get Your Number Unlisted in a Telephone Directory?


Making a phone number unlisted usually requires contacting the local phone service provider and requesting that the number be changed to an unlisted and unpublished status. To hide online entries, contact electronic phone book databases, and request that the data be removed.

Some web-based directories offer options within search results to edit or modify listings, permitting their removal from visible databases. However, removing data from these sites may require establishing an account with the service. Some telephone service providers, such as Verizon, offer contact information to facilitate the removal of listings. The removal of listings from Do Not Call lists may take time to process.

Becoming unlisted does not prevent all unsolicited calls, since businesses can purchase contact information from organizations that collect and store it. Websites and phone service providers do not always provide options for removing phone number entries from public listings. In such cases, contacting a company through its Help or Contact links is the best option for requesting a change in status. If your listings are not removed from a directory after a reasonable period of time, it may be necessary to file a complaint directly with customer service and to demand that the request be escalated.