How Can a Name Be Used to Find a Phone Number?

As of 2015, searchers can use a person's name to find their phone number online by utilizing directory sites such as To utilize this tool, click on the People tab at the company's home page, and enter the person's first and last name. Include the city and state or ZIP code if known for more accurate search results. hosts contact information for more than 300 million people in the United States. Other directory assistance sites, such as, and, also provide phone number lookup services at no charge. Phone numbers might not be available when searching for people with unlisted contact information.

Users can search for a phone number using these sites by entering at least a person's last name. However, the results are more accurate if additional information, such as the person's first name, state or city, are included. Users can also perform more relevant searches by ensuring that the person's name and locations are spelled correctly, adding formal variations of a name, or using only one part of a hyphenated last name.

Directory assistance websites also include a variety of other helpful tools, such as reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, and business address and phone number searches.