How Can You Get Your Name and Business Listed on Canada 411?

To have a name and business listed on Canada 411, a business or individual must fill out an online form on the Yellow Pages Canada website, which is the parent company of Canada 411. Signing up is free and only requires businesses to fill out the business name, address, phone number, type of service and industry. Other details are optional. Listing a business exposes that business to over eight million Canadians monthly, in addition to those using the YP app.

Another option is to use Yellow Pages Canada's paid service, PresencePro. Plans range from $50 to $100 per month for businesses, and the service lists businesses on multiple sites, including Canada 411. To

sign up, customers should go to the Yellow Pages Canada home page and submit an online form, or call the toll-free number for a free consultation.

There are perks to choosing the paid option. With the PresencePro service, businesses gain exposure on over 40 websites, apps and directories, which include social media sites like Facebook. Paid customers can also advertise with photos, as the service allows businesses up to 100 photos and videos. The service also offers website services for businesses that do not already have a designated website and personalized URL. As an added bonus, the paid service allows businesses to offer up to five incentives/deals per year to attract new customers.