Where Can You Find Mug Shots for People Arrested by the Lake County Sheriff?

The Lake County Sheriff's Office in Lake County, California, maintains a record of recent arrests on its website, which includes booking photographs, or mug shots. The system displays the inmate's full name, the arresting agency and the time booked. The office posts an inmate's information online once the booking process is complete.

The Lake County Sheriff's online booking logs date back to 2003. The record displays the arrests of the current day by default.

  1. Access the Lake County Sheriff's website
  2. Go to the official Lake County Sheriff's office website from a Web browser.

  3. View recent arrests
  4. Click on the "Recent Arrests" tab in the header menu. The page will display the most recent arrests.

  5. Choose the date of arrest
  6. To find arrests from a different date, enter the new date in the search field and click the "Search" button.

  7. View an inmate's booking photograph
  8. To view the mugshot of a specific inmate, click the "Details" link next to the inmate's name. The page will display the inmate's booking detail sheet with the booking photograph at the bottom.