Can You Move Out of State on Probation?

Individuals on probation can move to another state if they receive permission from the court, states The process to apply for a transfer varies, so people on probation can talk to their probation officer to determine the procedure in their state.

Transfers to another state are usually approved if the person on probation has a job or can get a job in the other state or has family there, states the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision. A request to transfer to another state to attend school is less likely to be approved but may be granted at the discretion of the court, according to Jail Exchange.

In addition to needing a good reason to transfer to another state, individuals on probation are only eligible for a transfer if they have 90 days or more left on their probation, are in compliance with the terms in their current state and have a plan for supervision, ICAOS states.