Where Can You Find Military Surplus Aircraft for Sale?


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Controller.com, GlobalPlanesSearch.com and Platinum Fighters are some places to find military surplus aircraft for sale as of 2015. These sites provide an in-depth analysis of various available military aircraft and their features.

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Controller.com allows registered users to post a free for sale listing as well as what they want to buy. The site provides links to military surplus aircraft for sale and also to aircraft dealers who offer direct purchases. The company’s listing for an available military aircraft for sale detail its specifications and price.

Global Planes Search is a website that offers advertising space for the selling and buying of military aircraft. A user registers an account, posts on what type of military aircraft they want to buy, and waits for notifications once it is available. Alternatively, users can search through the available listings to see if their aircraft of choice is available by using search parameters such as country or location, manufacturer and model of the military aircraft they want to purchase.

Platinum Fighters Sales offers warbird and classic aircraft brokerage services. It provides a complete inventory on available aircraft and various engine projects. Customers have the option of searching for the military aircraft of their choice or viewing all the available listings.

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