How Can You Get Your Medicare Questions Answered?

How Can You Get Your Medicare Questions Answered?

Many questions about Medicare can be answered by visiting the Medicare website at Help is also available from Medicare representatives by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227).

It is usually very easy to get information about a variety of issues from the Medicare website, including applying for Medicare, finding and enrolling in a private prescription drug plan, changing an address, finding health care providers and facilities that accept Medicare, as well as locating dialysis, home health services, medical equipment and supply vendors.

The Medicare website is expansive and includes a long list of documents and publications that are there to help the public. To narrow down where to call in particular state, Medicare gives various options on the contacts page on their website.

For people who prefer paper to computer screens, Medicare annually produces a user's guide called "Medicare & You." This publication is mailed to Medicare members each fall and is a useful resource.

Alternatively, if a person does not want to search through all the Medicare options, most Medicare-related questions can be answered by qualified health insurance professionals who specialize in the senior market. A qualified agent can answer questions about eligibility, coverage, enrollment and other considerations relating to Medicare.