Where Can I Find Free Medical Power of Attorney Forms?

ExpertLaw, the Missouri Bar Association and the Texas Medical Association all have free samples of medical power of attorney forms. Caring Connections has links to forms used for various states for medical power of attorney. The legal principle of medical power of attorney gives health care directives for doctors, nurses and loved ones in the event a patient becomes too sick to care for himself, according to Nolo.

The medical power of attorney form from ExpertLaw designates a person to "make any and all health care decisions" for the person who signs the document in front of witnesses. The form is also notarized. Medical power of attorney forms take effect as soon as the form is properly signed.

Nolo explains that a supplementary form is often used with medical power of attorney documents. A "health care directive" or "living will" explains what kinds of specific life-saving treatments the patient does or does not want in the event of incapacitation. States often combine a living will and medical power of attorney form into one form, thereby making the process easier for patients.

In addition to forms, Nolo instructs patients and clients to discuss health care options with medical professionals. Doctors and those responsible for a patient's care are legally bound to follow treatment options to the best of their abilities.