How Can You Make Probation Payments?

Individuals have a few online options for making probation payments, such as JPay, Western Union Speedpay and GovPay. Though details vary among different jurisdictions, making payments in person and mailing the payments to the appropriate address are two other options for making probation payment, as stated by the Louisiana Division of Probation and Parole.

In order to make probation payments using JPay, individuals must enter the state they were convicted and either their offender ID, case number, date of birth or state ID number. They can pay via credit card or debit card when making payments online, or they can pay cash by visiting a MoneyGram location, as stated by JPay.

To pay using GovPay, individuals can use their pay location code to remit payments to the appropriate agency. They can use their location and case information if a location code is not available, as reported by GovPay.