How Can You Make It Impossible for Others to Find Your Address by Phone Number?

It is possible to have an unpublished phone number so that your address is not listed in print and online telephone directories or available through directory assistance. However, it is not possible to hide your address completely.

You can shield your private home address to a high degree by having an unpublished phone number. To make your phone number unpublished, contact customer service at your service provide, and make a request. Sometimes you can do this over the phone. However, some providers may also require you to sign a form or process your request online. Usually, they also charge a small fee to suppress your information from their databases.

Remember that it isn’t possible to hide your address completely. For instance, in some situations, such as opening a checking account or applying for a drivers license, you must disclose your mailing address and phone number. Under certain circumstances, agencies such as the phone company, your bank and the post office are required to disclose your address upon demand to law enforcement with the proper court orders.

Another way you can shield your home address is by limiting the number of online accounts you maintain where you must provide both your address and phone number. In the event of data-security breaches, a smaller number of accounts makes it less likely that your address can be stolen.