How Can You Make Changes to Your 411 Business Listing?


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The telephone company is responsible for adding a business number to the 411 directory and for making any changes or corrections. The owner can contact the company's customer service line to request any updates or corrections, including a change of location or the option to have the number unlisted.

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In some cases, the telephone company has the correct information in its database, even if the listing provided is incorrect. It's important to note that the 411 directory draws from many databases to compile its listing, and a correction may involve making updates with more than one source.

In some cases the service may have switched from the local telephone company to an independent company, in which case the changes need to be made with the new provider. Additionally, some details such as the spelling of the business name or address, originate from third-party mailing lists. In some cases, an outdated list may be the source of the problem. Once the source of the error is identified and corrected, it may take some time for the updated information to trickle down and appear on the 411 listing.

If the information is showing incorrectly on an online resource, it's still recommended to start with the telephone company, as many online services compile their listings from those databases.

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