How Can You Look up Street Addresses Online?

How Can You Look up Street Addresses Online?

You can look up street addresses online using Google Maps. Google Maps can also give you directions to the address, along with traffic, transit, bicycling and terrain information.

Once you have arrived at the Google Maps website, look for the search box in the upper left corner of the computer screen. Type in the address you wish to look up, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass search button. Google Maps suggests addresses to you as you type.

The results of your search appears as icons on the map. Click on an icon to see more information about the address, if it is available. If the address is a business, Google Maps may be able to tell you the opening hours and contact information. Clicking the icon also brings up the option to get directions; click the round Directions button on the center left of the screen and enter the starting location of your journey.

To view transit, cycling and traffic information for an address, click the menu button that looks like three horizontal bars. Click on Traffic, Transit, Bicycling or Terrain to view the relevant information.

As well as specific addresses, you can search for business names or general requests such as "Chinese restaurant in Wichita." Google Maps also allows you to search for countries, cities, airports and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty.