Who Can Look up Your Personal Student School ID?

The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act preserves the privacy of students attending any school that receives funding from the Department of Education. Adult students attending such a school hold authority over their educational records and information. No one but authorized officials may access a student's ID without written permission.

Parents of students under the age of 18 can access student education information. Once a student is 18, he holds sole authority over the privacy of any educational records. Written consent can be provided by the student to allow another person or persons to be given information regarding the student's grades, financial aid awards and balance information.

Schools may release a student's educational records under special circumstances, such as to provide information for a poll conducted by an accrediting institution, to acquiesce to a court-ordered subpoena and to provide data for a university-led audit.

Schools are allowed to provide information to third parties such as a student's address, phone number, scholastic awards or achievements, birth date, birthplace and dates regarding attendance, but the school is required to notify the student prior to releasing such information. This allows the student the opportunity to deny the school permission to disclose this information to a third party.