How Can You Look up a Person Using an Address?

To look up a person using an address as of 2015, visit online telephone directories such as and, type the address into the search bar, provide the location and ZIP code, and then click Search. Browse the search results to find the exact person you are looking for.

On YellowPages, click on the Find People link at the upper section of the home page, and click By Address under People Search. Type the address into the search bar, provide the ZIP code and select the state. Click on the magnifying lens icon located on the right-hand section of the page to generate the search results.

To generate more accurate results, YellowPages provides additional search tips on the right-hand side of the screen. For example, type モMount Vernonヤ rather than モMt. Vernon.ヤ Other tips include searching statewide if you do not get the expected results within a particular location or searching by house number.

On WhitePages, select Address from the provided search parameters, type the address into the first search box, and provide the ZIP code in the second search box. Click Search to begin the search. WhitePages has a mobile phone application that offers additional services such as caller ID lookup and call blocking.