How Can You Look up Crime in Your Area?

Look up crime in your area online using Crime Reports, My Local Crime and Crime Mapping. Each of these web pages may be searched by a specific address.

After navigating to the Crime Reports homepage, enter the address for the area within which you would like to search. The search results can be shown with a conventional map background or satellite image background, whichever you choose. Crime Reports has information for all areas in the U.S. and Canada, but you can also get United Kingdom crime data by clicking on the U.K. link at the top of the Crime Reports homepage.

Navigate to the My Local Crime home page, enter the address for which you are seeking crime information, then click on Show Map. A list of recent crime near the address entered is then provided.

The Crime Mapping home page has an address search box at the top. Enter your address into that box and click Search. Any crime for the selected area is shown on the map. Crime Mapping also has an iPhone app that you can get by clicking on the iPhone app link at the top of the home page.