Where Can You Look up 411 Information Online?


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Directory assistance, or 411 information, can be found online at 411.com; simply input the location and name or business you are looking for. This process is almost identical to the phone process except that the details are typed into the website rather than spoken over the phone.

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Directory assistance has been an important part of telephone communication since the early days of telecommunication. While 411 is the number most familiar to many United States phone customers for local information, it is not the only way to access directory assistance. An area code followed by 555-1212 has also been commonly used for long-distance information. Websites such as AnyWho and ATT's Directory Assistance page meet the same needs.

During its earliest conception, an operator gave directory assistance by searching a directory in a book or set of reference cards to identify the contact information requested by a caller. As telephone traffic and the need for directory assistance increased, more advanced technology was implemented. In contemporary telephone service operations, the functions of obtaining information for directory assistance is largely automated by computers. While human operators are often still involved in the process, they now have access to a much more extensive computer directory to search.

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