How Can You Locate a Person's Place of Employment?

To locate a person’s place of employment, check his social media pages, look up government regulatory websites, check his credit report, contact references and use an online search service. Ensure that the other persons' permission for the searches has been obtained where necessary to avoid legal problems.

Search for the person on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook or LinkedIn. People often post their employment status or place of employment on their social media pages. It may be necessary to send the person a friend request to view this information if his profile is private.

If you know the person works in health care or insurance, check government regulatory websites’ licensing sections. Nursing websites typically provide employment information about where nurse aides or nurses work. Similarly, insurance regulator entities usually post information about current licensed agents and their places of employment on their websites.

Look up the person’s credit report. The credit files should have his place of employment listed. This information is usually gathered from creditors. It is, however, necessary to have written permission from the person to obtain his credit file.

Check references on the person’s lease applications, credit applications or other similar documents. Reference contacts may include co-workers, family members and friends. Contact the references and inquire about his current place of employment. It may be necessary to have the person's permission before calling references for debt-collection purposes.

Lastly, use an online search service to find the person. These companies typically charge for the service and may use public information that is readily available.