How Can You Locate a Person's Address Using His Name?

To locate a person's address using his name, access a reliable search database on the Internet such as WhitePages, Intelius and Zoominfo. Enter the name of the person correctly and pay the required fee to access his address.

Knowing the correct full name of the person is important for obtaining accurate results on the online search databases. It is even more helpful if the individual's maiden name and date of birth are also known.

On the search databases on the Web, type in the full name of the person in the relevant fields. Then begin the search process. Usually, these websites provide only minor details, such as the city and state of residence of the person initially.

To know the full home address of the individual, pay the fee asked for by the database using a credit or debit card. The exact fee varies depending on the database used.

Sometimes, these databases may not provide the full home address, or an address corresponding with the individual's name may not be available at all. This is because people can remove such personal information from online search databases.

Alternatively, contact the relatives of that person. To obtain the phone numbers of the individual's relatives, use call directory assistance. Also, consider hiring a private investigator.