How Can You Locate Obituaries Online for Free?

How Can You Locate Obituaries Online for Free?, a global provider of online obituaries, allows online users to locate obituaries on the Internet for free. Legacy collaborates with more than 1,500 newspapers in North America, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. The privately held company also operates in the United States and iAnnounce in Europe.

Legacy users can search for recent obituaries by using the deceased person's last name and can further narrow down the results by including the first name. Each obituary includes a guest book, where the user can view condolence messages and even add his own entry.

To find older entries, Legacy offers ObitFinder, a search tool that searches obituaries posted online as far back as February 2001. It searches obituaries from all of Legacy's affiliated newspapers.

If the desired obituary is older than February 2001, the user may try searching for obituaries in the U.S. News Archives, operated by iBiblio. The website provides links to the archives of local newspapers across the United States. Some of the newspapers, such as the Washington Post, have obituary archives dating to as early as 1877. Some searches are available for free, although most newspaper websites charge per article or provide special pricing options and require registration.